Tuition Assistance

Elementary School Tuition Assistance Policy for Members of St. Bernard Parish

Although St. Bernard’s has no school of its own, our parish remains committed to supporting registered parishioners who are in need of financial aid for their children who attend area Catholic Elementary Schools (Grades K – 8, pre-school is not eligible for aid). The construction of a new church and parish center has left our parish in a difficult financial situation with a substantial debt owed to the Diocese. Considering these challenges, our parish Finance Council has allocated a significant, but limited amount of funds to be given to families who qualify for tuition assistance. Families wishing to apply for tuition aid must complete the Elementary School Tuition Aid Request Form  (Elementary Tuition Aid Request Form) provided with this letter and must meet the following criteria for eligibility:

Families must be registered members of the parish for at least one year and show regular use of the budget through an ACH account. They should be attending Mass regularly with their child (children).       Families receiving aid should also be willing to donate their time to one or more of the parish’s fund-raising activities to help us sustain the Parish Tuition Aid Fund.

  1. Families must also apply for additional aid to the Diocesan Francis Warde Fund by use of the Private School Aid Forms.       These forms are available at your school’s office.
  2. Families may be registered in only one parish.       If a family is registered at St. Bernard’s, but also registered and attending a parish elsewhere, they should apply to the parish they attend for tuition aid.

This Policy has been approved by St. Bernard Parish Finance Council and all requests for Financial Aid should be made to the Parish Office before May 15th. Tuition aid is sent directly to the school and credited to the family’s tuition account. Any information given to the parish is held in strict confidentiality.

We are grateful to the families who have chosen to send their children to Catholic Schools and we remain committed to providing support as far as we are able. Please contact the Parish Office if you have any questions regarding this program and be assured of our prayers for the success of your child (children) who attend such a great school.

Tuition Aid for High School students requires that you contact the parish office for information.