Faith Formation

Family Faith Formation Program 2024-2025

Faith Formation Weekly News

Here’s a link to a Powerpoint Presentation  for 2024-25 Faith Formation program that will introduce you to our program for the upcoming school year.

Important Changes to the 2024-25 Faith Formation program to review:

  • The Gospel Weeklies Program-Grades K,1,3-6 will continue to be the primary curriculum for all non-sacramental preparation students. The benefits of this program are that the students are exposed to a direct correlation connecting the Weekly Gospel to everyday life.
    • A Kindergarten program has been included in the Gospel Weeklies Class schedule.
    • Grades K, 1, 3-6 will have In-person Gospel Weeklies classes in a 15-week schedule. The In-person class schedule is available after the 8:30am Sunday Mass only.
    • Class Time has been adjusted by 5 minutes (9:25-10:25am).
    • Gospel Weeklies At-home lessons will also continue to be required and led by parents and/or other family members on the non-in-class sessions.
    • 2024-25 Gospel Weeklies Class Schedule
  • Grade 7 has been shifted to the Sacramental Preparation Class schedule as a Pre-Confirmation year. Grade 7 students are no longer required to complete the at-home Gospel Weeklies lessons.
  • Grade 2 (First Communion) and 7, 8 and 9 (Confirmation) will attend an In-person class Sacramental Preparation program.  It is held on a separate 9 class Sunday schedule after the 8:30am Mass (9:30-10:45am). This schedule also includes (2) extended class sessions.  The 9th grade will partner with Grade 2 in our Buddy Program. The Gospel Weeklies At-home kits will be required for Grade 2 only. Grade 7 & 8 & 9 will not be required to complete the Gospel Weeklies lessons at -home.
  • 2024-25 Sacramental Preparation Class Schedule

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Faith Formation office at 401-295-0387 or or