Gospel Weeklies

32 lesson program with lessons taught in-person in a class taught by a volunteer Catechist and the other lessons led by parents with at home instructions with support from the Faith Formation Office


This is a 15 week in-person class schedule of Catechist led in-person instruction. 

Classes are held on Sundays after EITHER:                              

 8:30am Mass followed by class from 9:30-10:30am or          

 10:30am Mass followed by class from 11:30am-12:30pm

There is a class size maximum of 15 students per session.

Families choose a Session when registering their children that works for their schedule.

The expectation is that families attend Mass prior to class so that the students listen to the Gospel and then attend class to learn more about it.



On non-in-person class Sundays, students will be required to complete the Gospel Weeklies for that Sunday Gospel at home and return it to the next In-person class.

Families will receive an At-Home kit including all the necessary Gospel Weeklies for that Unit at the first In-class session prior to the beginning of the Unit.

Parents and/or other family members are encouraged to share the Gospel Weeklies for these lessons to continue the faith building at home together. 

These lessons are meant to be completed on a weekly basis to have the most impact because they connect the everyday to the weekly Gospel.


Schedule of Dates