Family Faith Formation Program


Dear parents and young parishioners in our Faith Formation Program,

My name is Fr. David Gaffney and I began as the new pastor of St. Bernard on July 1st.  I look forward to meeting you in person--- if that has not already happened!  I write to you at this time to tell you about some adaptations we have made to our Faith Formation program because of the on-going concerns with the Corona virus.

After meeting with our Faith Formation coordinators, we have decided to use the Pflaum Gospel Weekly series materials for faith formation which will place our classes ‘at home’ –with the family.  This series has been very well received by parents and students in many other parishes---and is very ‘user friendly’.  As indicated---it focuses on the upcoming Sunday Gospel and creates a lesson plan around that Gospel message.  It is exciting to begin this new program and we know that the materials provided by Pflaum and the availability of our staff will help parents and students enrich their faith. 

You will find on our parish website ( a number of links to learn more about this program.  In addition, there are specific lessons for sacrament preparation (First Communion and Confirmation).  The program will begin the week of 9/14/20 so you will need to register your child for the appropriate grade level class by 9/12/20. You can register your child online on our website.

While we will not be gathering for classes together, we would like to encourage you to come to Church---to gather with the community for Sunday Mass.  (We understand there may be some health concerns that would prohibit your return at this time) We would like to “spotlight” a particular grade level on the Sunday 8:30 Mass throughout the year.  For example, on Sunday, September 27th at the 8:30 Mass we will ‘spotlight’ our First-Grade students. 

At your child’s Baptism there was a prayer in the ritual that called the parents the ‘first teachers’ of their child in the faith.  We are asking you and your children to take on this important task of learning the faith----we are here to support you in this endeavor!  This is a new approach, but we believe a necessary approach given the circumstances of today. 

So what will this plan look like……..essentially you will find a quiet time to sit with our child---open the booklet, read through the ‘lesson plan’----take it step by step…..remember, this program has been successful in many other parishes---parents, just like you, had to ‘begin’ something new----and the results were a faith life that was more knowledgeable and deeper.  I hope you see this as a wonderful, new opportunity!  This a challenging, but also exciting time!

In Christ,

Rev. David F. Gaffney



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