St. Bernard's Progressive Jackpot Raffle

Dear parishioners,

Great ready for the St. Bernard’s “Progressive Jackpot Raffle”!  This is a new and important fundraiser for our parish. A limit of 250 tickets will be sold at $50. per ticket.  The prizes increase depending on the number of tickets that are sold.  For example, if 100 tickets are sold, the top prize is $1,000.  If 250 tickets are sold, the top prize is $2,500. (Please see the reverse side of this sheet for detailed information.) Proceeds will benefit St. Bernard Parish.

The pandemic has made it clear that we need to find new sources of revenue for our parish.  I am so very grateful for your weekly offertory contributions and for the very generous response to our Annual Collection.  We have done our best to exercise good stewardship by carefully monitoring expenditures and reducing personnel. We need additional sources of revenue to maintain good financial health.

We are hoping in the coming months---with more and more people being vaccinated--- that there will be an increase in Mass attendance. We continue to employ all safety protocols---mask wearing, social distancing, sanitizing hands, etc. Those who have been attending Mass and those who have returned have told me recently that they feel “safe” and “comfortable” with our protocols for the church.

The “Progressive Jackpot Raffle” can be a fun-filled parish activity! How large will the jackpot be? Who will buy a ticket? Who can I give a ticket to as a gift---Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or Graduation!   It has been successful in other parishes!  It is “appropriate” as a fund-raiser at this time since we cannot gather together in large numbers for a social event. Perhaps in the Spring of 2022 we will be able to have a parish dinner along with the raffle! 

Thank you for your support of St. Bernard Church!  In my time here I have come to understand that parishioners love their church and want it to be a vibrant community, financially healthy and a source of spiritual strength and encouragement especially in this time of pandemic.  We want our parish to be strong in the years ahead for our children, grandchildren and future generations!  So----join in our new fund-raiser!  I appreciate it!

Fill out the attached form.  Return it with your $50 donation to the parish office (mail, drop in collection basket/in a separate envelope, or drop off at the office).  Deadline for ticket requests is Sunday, May 30 (or we will stop when 250 tickets have been sold!)


Rev. David F. Gaffney



Progressive Lottery Flyer