Parish Pastoral Council


Pastoral Council is a consultative, advisory and representative group for St Bernard’s to the Pastor and from the Pastor to the Parish. Its purpose is to see to the implementation of the St Bernard Mission Statement. The Pastoral Council is made up of the pastor, the parish staff, and a representative from the liturgical ministries, parish charities and outreach, respect life, finance council, religious education, youth ministry, and two at large members chosen by lottery.

Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2018



Deborah Fortin                     Religious Education

Angelo Giacchi                     Pastoral Assistant

Patricia Hines                       Religious Education

Celeste Jones                      At Large Member

Christopher Joyce                At Large Member

James & Jean Martish         Evangelization & Respect Life

Dawn Masterson                  Elementary Faith Formation

Rebeka Mazzone                 Finance Council

Thomas Mulligan                  Knights of Columbus

Thomas Orsi                        Parish Facilities

Cameron Ostiguy                 Youth Ministry

Marie-Claire Peakman         Liturgical Ministries & Choir

Christina Pichette                 Youth Ministry/Faith Formation

Joanne Roby                        Parish Charities & Outreach

Michael Saunders                Administrative Assistant

Alison Shea                          Music

Fr. John Unsworth                Pastor