Grade 2 - First Communion


  • Together in Jesus: First Eucharist
    • Lessons explore the sacraments of initiation, the liturgical seasons, and the biblical stories of Zacchaeus, the loaves and the fish, and the Last Supper -- drawing children into fuller and more active participation in the life of the Church.
      • 4 lessons will be taught during our Sacramental Preparation In-person class schedule and 2 lessons will be covered during the Spring Retreat.
      • There will be a scheduled Rehearsal in April to prepare for the First Communion Mass.
      • First Communion Mass will be scheduled in May.




Grade 2: Good News At-home Program 

The Good News program is designed to guide children to more involvement in Sunday Mass as they see how the Sunday readings tie to their own lives. Realistic stories and Gospel narrations—plus fun-to-do, hands-on activities—support formative learning.


Child Development Levels:

  • Concrete thinkers and learners
  • Storytellers
  • Sensory driven

Good News for Children helps 2nd graders hear and retell the Gospel stories and use their senses to learn about their world.

 What the Church Believes and Teaches Student Handbook  and Gospel Weeklies Student Online Version will be available here once we have virtual access.