Grades 9:  Visions Program

The Visions program is designed for pre-teens and teens in that it emphasizes social justice, moral reasoning, and service through current-interest articles, life-dilemma stories, and real Christian life examples. Discussion starters help young teens explore links between today’s issues, the Sunday readings, and their own lives.

Child Development Levels:

  • Emotional and social development
  • Maturing physically
  • New thinking capacity
  • Wanting to belong to groups and make lasting relationships

Visions lead junior and senior high students to stretch their developing abstract thinking skills and to apply them to going beyond the literal level of the Scripture stories.

Here is a link to the Gospel Weeklies  “Visions” program

 What the Church Believes and Teaches Student Handbook  and Gospel Weeklies Student Online Version will be available here once we have virtual access. 


Sacramental Preparation Confirmation - Grade 9

Please read Father Gaffney’s Introduction to Confirmation Letter

Gifted with the Holy Spirit - Senior High Edition

Each lesson helps lead candidates to strengthen their relationship with Jesus as The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Photos help them visualize meaning, the writing is clear and concise, and activities are both thought-provoking and involving. There is a prayer service in each unit, the relationship among the sacraments is reviewed, and the call to service is presented fully.

  •  Virtual Meetings : 8 lessons and the lessons will be taught via once a month virtual meetings on 10/25, 11/29, 12/20, 1/31, 2/28, 3/28, 4/25, and 5/16 all at 4p.m. Virtual Meetings will last about an hour.
  • Assessments: Each lesson is mandatory to complete to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. If there is an occasion where the student cannot be present at the virtual meeting, then they can watch the recorded lesson and turn in an online assessment.
  • Community/Church Service Hours: Students are expected to complete 20 hours of community service during the two year program. Ideas for community service would be to partner up with an organization you trust in the community, to find projects at your house to complete, or at the house/yard of a person you trust. The service hour form can be found on our website which should be turned in to the Faith Formation Office upon completion.

Confirmation Service Hour Form

  • Grade 10 Confirmation: Students will be confirmed in the fall of your 10th grade year once their have successfully completed the program. For public school students the Confirmation program is a two year program. In year 1 (8th grade)  the students work on the Gospel Weeklies. In year two (9th grade) the students do the Gospel Weeklies as well as the Gifted with the Spirit curriculum. Catholic school students join in during year two.
    • During the fall we will ask for paperwork to be turned in on their sponsor, saint name, 20 service hours. In the past we have had a final assessment due, a Confirmation retreat, and a sponsor night, however, due to COVID-19 there may be some changes to those. More information will come out in the spring before your student’s Confirmation.