Grades 4-5-6

The Venture program is designed to lead 4th, 5th and 6th graders in making moral choices and exploring and expanding their faith. Dramatizations, current events, and original stories link the Sunday Gospel to kids’ own lives. Lives of saints (illustrated as comics) and imaginative activities demonstrate applications of the Gospel message.

Child Development Levels:

  • Industrious data-gatherers
  • Concrete thinkers who can connect the dots
  • Sense of moral reasoning
  • Developing historical sense
  • Enjoy doing projects together
  • Able to use symbols

Venture works with the abilities of middle level thinkers, who still process concretely but love to work together on group projects.

 What the Church Believes and Teaches Student Handbook  and Gospel Weeklies Student Online Version will be available here once we have virtual access.